Technical Information

We are proud to offer both engineered and solid wood flooring. Choosing a product depends on the installation type and client preference. We’re proud to offer two types of engineered wood flooring as well as solid wood flooring. The key to great, long-lasting wood flooring is proper installation.

Pure Wood Flooring offers both engineered and solid wood flooring, making the possibilities endless. Our engineered wood flooring is available in widths up to 15 inches wide and lengths as long as 16 feet. Our solid wood flooring is available up to 24 inches wide by lengths up to 16 feet. All engineered and solid wood flooring is kiln dried and fumigated to ensure the highest standard in wood flooring.

Our engineered wood flooring consists of two types of construction. The first is a 3 layer construction, where the top and bottom layers are made from the same 4-7 mm hardwood of your choice; the center core material is constructed of a hardwood material laid perpendicular to the top and bottom layer, ensuring stability. The second type of engineered flooring is a 4-7 mm hardwood of your choice laminated to an eleven layer exterior grade Baltic Birch plywood. Both applications can be refinished numerous times without affecting the durability of the flooring. Extensive testing has been performed on our engineered wood flooring in all types of environmental conditions to ensure the highest quality product.

Our solid wood flooring consists of the highest quality hardwoods available in the United States per the American Woodworkers Association.

One advantage of engineered wood flooring over solid wood flooring is that it can be pre-finished before installation. This can help with tight scheduling, creating less mess and a shorter installation time.

Refinishing of either engineered flooring or solid flooring is similar unless there is damage due to installation and/or environmental conditions. We always recommend a maintenance program for your wood flooring to ensure its beauty and longevity. We recommend screening the floor and adding an additional coat of finish If needed, we can grind/re-sand your floor to change stain colors and/or correct any imperfections in the floor.

Types of Installation

  • Full surface glue with nailing (recommended).
    Advantages – solid feel and isolate noise transformation.
  • Full surface glue (recommended).
    Advantages – solid feel, for use over concrete surfaces.
  • Sub-floor adhesive glue and nailing (recommended).
    Advantages – solid feel, economical.
  • Floating Floor using foam and glue (recommended)
    No advantages or disadvantages

Types of Finishes

Pure Wood Flooring is the leader in wood flooring finishes. We utilize the very best in modern technology along with old world craftsmanship to create a unique wood floor finish that only we can do.

  • Raw wood with a clear finish
  • Wire brushing to enhance the essence of the wood
  • Fuming of the wood to give it a very unique look
  • Scrub planning
  • Hand scraping of the wood and the edges
  • Distressing – worm holes and nail holes
  • Scipp Sawing – gives your wood that old world charm
  • Polyurethane, Matte or Satin finish—a very tough finish with minimal care
  • Natural Oil, a beautiful finish that is 100% natural

We can do these finishes separately or you can pick and choose one or more to create the finish of your dreams. There are no limits to the wood flooring finishes we are able to create; the possibilities are endless.

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